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Car Owners To Be Charged Rs. 75/L Extra Under Cheap Petrol Scheme

Despite the earlier assurances given to the international Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding no petrol subsidy scheme for motorcyclists and small vehicle owners, the incumbent government again looks gearing up to launch Sasta petrol Scheme. The government has moved the summary to Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of federal cabinet for approval.

As per the media reports, the summary is circulated for approval after the Shahbaz Sharif okayed it. The summary narrates that government plans to collect up to Rs. 75 per litre additional from the consumers, who are already striving to pay a whopping price of Rs. 282/L.

Critique on the summary calls it a simple stunt from the ruling alliance to keep their dwindling political capital alive among the masses. Furthermore, the government is throwing responsibility on the shoulders on inflation-stricken masses.

The international lender has also raised the concerns on the impact and misuse of this scheme. Sources have revealed that deputy managing director Pakistan assured IMF that the government carries no plan to implement such measures.

Cheap Petrol Scheme

Last month, the government announced an Rs. 50/liter subsidy for the lower-income section of society. Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Masood Malik announced that the government of Pakistan would charge an additional Rs. 100/liter for petrol from the affluent.

Malik stated that the government would be making petrol more expensive for the rich and cheaper for the poor by using the higher prices paid by the rich to provide subsidized petrol to the low-income segment. The statement came a day after Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a relief package for low-income people.

Malik elaborated on the subsidy, stating that PM Shehbaz had ordered the ministry to increase the subsidy to Rs100 and that the rich will be charged Rs100 more while the poor would be charged Rs100 less. The economists have explained the process of a possible implementation of this program.

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