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Even Sportage Bad Sales Couldn’t Affect KIA

The prevailing economic meltdown, including import embargoes, has shattered all the carmaker’s production capacity and sales, and Kia is among them. Mind you, the Korean car company was considered the country’s biggest automaker in terms of market share until mid-2022. But within months, its sales have come down to a new low.

The company has reported a slight increase in its month-on-month sales despite dwindling sales of its key player dubbed, ‘Kia Sportage’. As per reports, Kia has posted a jump of 7% in its month-on-month sales in March ’23, selling just 747 locally assembled vehicles.

It is expedient to mention that Kia Lucky Motors’ top-seller Sportage’s sale has declined by 14%, but Picanto and Stonic’s healthy sales accommodate the dent.

Kia managed to sell only 356 units of Sportage last month, reporting a decrease of 14%. Meanwhile, 219, 132 and 40 units of Picanto, Stonic, and Sorento were sold, respectively. Again, Sorento remained the lowest-selling car.

Furthermore, Honda Atlas faced the same fate. Whilst, Toyota, Hyundai, and Pakistan Suzuki Motors Company’s sales observed a slight increase. Allover, month-on-month (MoM) sales observed an uptrend of 54%.

Car Sales Improved by 54 % Last Month

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) issued a car sales report for March’23. As per the PAMA report, the car sales clocked-in at 9,351 units against 6,072 in February – increased by 54% MoM. Coming to year-on-year sales, observed a decreased of 66%, selling 27,202 vehicles in the corresponding period of last year.

The Japanese car franchise in the country dubbed, “Toyota Indus Motors,” recorded a jump of 6% in its sales. The company sold 1,912 units in March against 1,803 units in February.

Meanwhile, Honda Atlas car sales posted a new low – dropped by 49%, selling 835 units in March compared to 1,636 units in February.

Coming to Pak Suzuki Motors Company’s sales marked a surprising increase of 475%, surpassing fellow Toyota and Honda. The company sold 5,628 cars last month, contra 978 cars in February.

Hyundai Nishat sales reported of down 34%, selling 836 units last month compared to 1,271 units in Feb’23.

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