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Lahore Traffic Police Starts Issuing Driving License To Transgenders

In a great step, Lahore City Traffic Police have started issuing driving license to transgender people. According to details, the police have issued learner permits to over ten transgender people in the last five days from Tahaffuz Center for Vulnerable Transgenders in Liberty Market. “After the learner permit, permanent driving licenses will be issued to them,” the police said.

Talking to the media, the transgender people thanked the traffic police for establishing Tahaffuz centers for their community. The driving license issuing process is 24/7.

This remarkable step is one of many, Lahore police have taken to facilitate the citizens including increasing the fines for traffic violations, emphasizing the importance of helmet on bikes, keeping the license centers open for whole week around the clock, and recently issuing the license for anyone from any city in Pakistan from Lahore. Furthermore, yesterday, IG Punjab Police Dr. Usman announced that the process of getting driving license has gone paperless.

Paperless Driving License Process

He announced that now you don’t need any documents, certificates, or forms other than your CNIC and license fee. So now you can go to your nearest khidmat markaz, take your driving test, and file for a driving license. You can take the driving test in your own vehicle or the police-designated vehicle – it is solely your choice.

According to the IG Police Punjab, the process has been simplified so people can easily get their driving license without any reference or bribes. To encourage the citizens, these steps have been taken.

According to the numbers, more than 2.5 crore people in Punjab own vehicles, but only 45 lac people have a driving license. Moreover, in Lahore alone, around 75 lac vehicles have been registered, but only 7-8 lac people have their driving licenses.

What do you think about Lahore Traffic Police’s initiative for transgenders? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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