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Yamaha YB 125Z-DX New Colour – Is It Metallic Grey Or Is It Aqua Green?


Yamaha Motor Pakistan has today introduced a new colour for its bike, Yamaha YB 125Z-DX today. But the photos of this new color were leaked yesterday. And now there is confusion, at least for us, because the colour seems to be different in normal photos and picture shared on official channel of the company. So, we decided to ask our readers.

It is pertinent to mention that before this new shade, the company was offering three colours, i.e., Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, and Vivid Cocktail Red. Meanwhile, the price of the bike is Rs. 366,500. 

First, here are some photos from one of Yamaha dealerships in Lahore.

And here is a screenshot from the official video on Yamaha Pakistan’s Facebook page:

So, the question is whether it is metallic gray or aqua green, because we cannot decide. In the normal photos, it looks more of green, while the official photo seems to be grey. We think there is a problem in the editing and this is the reason, the bike’s shade looks different in pictures from dealership. There is a constant debate going on and it seems a repeat of that golden or white dress, happened a few years ago.

Recent Price Hike in Yamaha Bikes

Earlier, Yamaha increased its bike prices on March 31, 2023 by whopping Rs. 38,500. After the recent hike, Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Black) seen a jump of Rs. 34,000, and now it costs Rs. 342,500 compared to the old rate of Rs. 308,500. And the new price of the company’s second bike, Yamaha YB125Z-DX (Red/Blue/Black), is Rs. 366,500 compared to Rs. 330,000. Meaning the price was increased by Rs. 36,000.

Meanwhile, Yamaha YBR 125 (Red/Blue/Black) observed a jump of Rs. 37,000, taking the price to the new high of Rs. 376,500 against the previous Rs. 339,000.

Anyways, can you help us in resolving the issue, whether the new color is metallic gray or aqua green? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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