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Suzuki To Increase Bike Prices In Next Few Days


In the last couple of weeks, Atlas Honda, Yamaha Pakistan, and United Automotive have increased their bike prices. The new wave was led by Honda, followed by Yamaha and United. And now it seems that Suzuki Pakistan is also set to hike their bike prices. The sources claimed the prices will be hiked in the next few days. 

According to the sources, the dealers of Suzuki bikes have revealed that the prices will go up in the next few days. Hence, they have asked the consumers to book the bikes at old prices and buy them. So, if you plan to buy a Suzuki bike, visit the nearby dealership before the prices see another jump. 

Last Price Hike 

On April 7, Suzuki once again increased the rates of its bikes, and GR150 started costing over five lacs, which is quite astonishing for a motorcycle. As per the company, new prices were implemented on April 7, 2023. This was the company’s third bike price hike.

  • Suzuki GD 110S used to cost Rs.290,000, but after a price hike of Rs. 32,000, the bike now costs Rs. 322,000.
  • Similarly, Suzuki GS 150 was available at Rs. 315,000 previously, but after a hike of Rs. 35,000, its new price is Rs. 350,000.
  • Suzuki GSX 125 used to be priced at Rs. 422,000. But after an increase of Rs. 47,000, the bike now costs Rs. 469,000.
  • Lastly, Suzuki GR150 had an old price of Rs.. 451,000. After a price increase of Rs. 50,000, GR 150 now costs Rs. 501,000. 

Meanwhile, the company announced on April 27 that it would shut down its car and bike assembly plants in May 2023. The reason cited for the plant shutdown was the shortage of inventory. The shutdown lasts from May 2 to May 9, 2023. Unfortunately, this was not the first time the company had to close its plants, as they have been facing intermittent production shutdowns since last year.

What do you think is how much Suzuki will increase the prices of its bikes in this episode? Please tell us in the comments section. 

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