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CM Punjab Sets Strict Deadline For Kalma Chowk Remodeling

Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has issued orders to the Central Business District(CBD) authorities to complete the Kalma Chowk remodeling and CBD Boulevard project by May 5, 2023

During a review of the progress of the two projects on Wednesday, the CEO of CBD Punjab, Imran Amin, provided an update to the CM. The project is nearing completion and will improve the flow of traffic and the aesthetics of the area, Amin assured the CM.

Emphasizing the importance of sticking to project timelines, the CM expressed his optimism that the completion of the Kalma Chowk remodeling and CBD Punjab Boulevard project would greatly contribute to the province’s infrastructure and development. The project will modernize and beautify the area’s transport system.

Crackdown Against Encroachments

In a separate development, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has launched a massive operation to remove encroachments in front of commercial buildings to allow for proper parking. Caretaker Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Barrister Azfar Ali Nasir, and Commissioner and Director General of the LDA, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, made the announcement at a press conference before Eid. 

The commissioner stated that the crackdown would focus on violators who have turned parking spaces into shops and showrooms. The minister announced that a comprehensive action plan had been developed to implement Lahore High Court orders. The department will seal any shops or showrooms that refuse to comply.

This drive against encroachments is a much-needed step to address the worsening traffic situation in Lahore. The unregulated and illegal conversion of parking spaces into commercial properties has led to chaos on the roads, hindering smooth traffic flow. The authorities’ action will not only make the roads safer but also encourage people to use public transport by ensuring sufficient parking spaces.

The government’s initiatives to modernize and develop Punjab’s infrastructure are commendable, and the CM’s timely intervention to ensure the timely completion of the Kalma Chowk remodeling and CBD Punjab Boulevard project is praiseworthy. 

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