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Here Is The Price Of Toyota Yaris Aero

As we told you earlier, Indus Motor Company (IMC) has introduced a new kit for Toyota Yaris, named Yaris Aero. For a recall, here are the upgrades:

  • Aero Front Bumper Extension with unique Foglamp covers.
  • Aero side skirts (L+H side).
  •  Aero Bumper Extension with black inlay.
  • Aero Smart Rear Trunk Spoiler.

In Yaris Aero, the major changes are only in the exterior. With these changes or upgrades, the company has introduced new prices; as we told you earlier, the new kit is only available in ATIV CVT and ATIV X CVT variants. The Aero kit is only available in 1.3 ATV CVT and 1.5 ATIV X CVT to make things easier. 

New Price of Toyota Yaris Aero 

Here are the prices of the Toyota Yaris Aero: 

  • Yaris Aero 1.3 CVT (1329cc) – Rs. 5,199,000
  • Yaris Aero 1.5 CVT (1469cc) – Rs. 5,969,000

It is pertinent to mention that the price of Yaris 1.3 CVT is Rs. 4,999,000, while the current rate of Yaris 1.5 ATIV X CVT is Rs. 5,769,000. So, it means the price of this new kit is Rs. 200,000. 

So, at Rs. 200,000, you can primarily change the exterior look of your Yaris, giving it a more modern feel. Toyota Yaris has remained the top seller for Indus Motor Company since its launch in 2020. The sedan hit the local market with a bang and beat the combined sales of its competitor, the Honda City, and Civic. With the name of Toyota, this machine is considered trustworthy and has a good resale as per our tradition. Furthermore, the parts and accessories are also available easily in the local market, making it a consumer favorite.

The company hopes to increase sales with this new Aero kit.

What do you think about Toyota Yaris Aero? Is it a good and significant change in the sedan? Please share your thoughts with us  in the comments section.

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